Bering Select Story

Bering Select is a collaborative venture between an Alaska seafood company, a scientist, and Marine Ingredients, a company in the natural health industry. Combining the knowledge and expertise of each, we produce a premium omega-3 product.

Clipper Seafoods began 30 years ago with one boat and an enterprising group of fisherman. Clipper Seafoods targets bottom fish, catching many species of fish but primarily targeting cod.

Clipper Seafoods participates in the longline catcher/processor sector. The longline method of harvesting consists of laying out a ground line which has a baited hooks every 38 inches. The fishing gear is set and hauled for several hours and then is retrieved, pulling the fishing line and its catch to the surface, one fish at a time. This method of fishing has a very low impact on the ocean environment and allows us to carefully target our species of catch and limit the amount of by-catch. The fish is brought on board the vessels where it is processed and frozen to -30 C within hours. Catching one fish at a time produces a very high quality product.

Over the years, Clipper Seafoods has grown and the fishery has evolved and become rationalized, allowing the sector to fish collectively and under a quota system. The Alaskan cod stocks are an abundant resource that are heavily regulated and monitored and certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Rationalization of the cod fishery has enabled the fishery to slow down and shift attention to better quality, new markets, and developing ancillary products that fully utilize the whole fish. This led to the introduction of Dr. Jeff Bland, a renowned expert and leader in the nutritional medicine field. Discussion with Dr. Bland centered on the health benefits of cod livers, which previously had been discarded at sea. After analysis and research, it was learned that Alaska cod liver oil has high nutritional value and was not being commercially produced anywhere in North America. Marine Ingredients, a manufacturer and distributor of marine omega-3 fatty acid products joined the venture to form Bering Select, a producer of Alaska cod liver oil.

Bering Select’s objective is to produce a premium omega-3 cod liver oil from the Alaska cod that contains the full spectrum of health promoting nutrients found in minimally processed cod liver oil. Alaska cod (Gadus macrocephalus) is a different species from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), which has varying levels of omega-3 and vitamins A and D. The Bering Sea is a bountiful pristine body of water and it has been found that what the cod fish eats influences the fatty acid levels and composition of the cod liver oil. Alaska cod has very low levels of organic pollutants and heavy metals and therefore does not require refinement that exposes the oil to conditions that reduce the spectrum of natural nutrients and vitamins A and D.

Alaskan cod is caught one at a time. The liver is extracted shortly after coming on board the vessel and flash frozen to -30 C, stabilizing the enzymatic degradation and locking in the freshness. The frozen liver is delivered to the Bering Select rendering facility strategically located in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The livers are centrifuged and processed at low temperatures to preserve the sensitive full spectrum of nutrients and fatty acids. The oil is further refined to reduce any impurities and is Proposition 65 compliant. Our refining methods do not expose the oil to high heat or conditions that reduce the nutrients or vitamins. Our process retains the full spectrum of nutrients and Vitamins A and D delivering the natural health benefit of the oil to the consumer.